Plaice with Hazelnut Beurre Noisette




Let’s keep it simple…

I don’t know about you people but I really felt the need to eat fish today, it seems like we been having a lot of meat lately and a lot of heavy cooking and baking and chocolate and…., must I go on?

Anyway when I woke up this morning my first thought was fish. Yes definitely fish for dinner, with a Beurre Noisette and hazelnuts.

So I happily went to the market and found some beautiful Plaice.
Plaice is a flat fish that lives on the sandy bottom of the sea, and has these pretty orange freckles over the skin. I did however remove the skin before cooking them.

To remove the skin you cut the skin open at the bottom of the fish where the tail begins, then you loosen a bit of the skin with a sharp knife. Grab a cloth and hold the skin tightly and pull it of in one go, holding the fish down with your other hand. Repeat with the other side. You could also ask you fish monger to do this for you. But I just love playing with food.

The beurre noisette is so simple, it’s basically melted butter that you keep on the hob until it turns brown and starts to smell like nuts. Be careful though, you don’t want to burn it. Ideally you remove it from the heat as soon as you see some dark specks appearing. And it smells so good.

This super easy dinner only has 3 ingredients plus seasoning. And it’s still quite fancy.



Pescatarian  ✔

Gluten free  ✔

Dairy free  ✔

Ref. sugar free  ✔

Egg free  ✔


Serves 4



4 whole plaice, skin removed
1/2 C. Hazelnuts chopped, with or without skin, (I prefer them with)
1/2 C. Butter in cubes
salt and pepper


Get out a large frying pan or even two if it won’t fit in one.
Put all the butter except 2 or 3 cubes for frying the fish in one of the pans. Set the heat to medium and wait for the butter to melt, wait for the foam to subside and add the hazelnuts season with a little salt and pepper. Wait for the butter to go deep golden brown and remove from heat. Pour the hazelnut butter in a bowl and reserve.
Put both pans on the heat and add the remaining butter to them. Season the fish with salt and pepper and divide between the two pans, fry the fish for 4 to 5 minutes on each side until cooked thru, it depends on how thick your fish is, to check pull away a little bit of the fish near the bone with a small knife, it should come loose easily.
Pour the hazelnut butter in the pan and swirl it around, straight away transfer to plates or a serving dish.
Delicious with a simple salad.



If you try this recipe let me know! Leave a comment below and don’t forget to snap a pic and tag it #thecookingspoonblog on instagram! You’ll make my day.

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14 thoughts on “Plaice with Hazelnut Beurre Noisette

  1. Tasty Eats Ronit Penso says:

    Such a great looking dish! Beurre Noisette is my favorite “sauce” for flat fish, usually with almonds, but I absolutely love the use of hazelnuts here. I can smell the wonderful aroma through the photos! 🙂

  2. callmetrav says:

    Beautiful pictures and the fish looks sooooo good. Your pictures made me think of Julia Child. They brought me back to Paris. Also, your presentation is clean and compliments the food. Yummy!

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