Sprouted Spelt loaf

Sprouted Whole Spelt Loaf with Poppy Seeds

Sprouted Spelt loaf

Sprouted Spelt loaf

I recently started baking bread with sprouted spelt flour and I must say, I love the texture and flavour. The texture is more cake like and soft but firm like normal bread and the flavour is nutty and wholesome. When you think of sprouted bread some people might think of a hard solid brick like loaf of bread, but this is not at all the case with this Spelt loaf.

Baking with sprouted flour is the same as with whole wheat flour…substituted one to one, your result will be light and with a wonderful texture and flavor.

Sprouted flour has a lower gluten content because the enzymes break it down during germination and the flour made from sprouted grains also provide more protein, vitamins and minerals than refined flours.

Sprouted whole grain flour is like no other flour…for instance…

It is  made from the entire plant: the germ, bran and endosperm.

By sprouting the grains the whole composition changes, creating a vegetable and not a starch. As the grain sprouts, it turns into a plant which the body recognizes as a vegetable and makes it so easy to digest. The sprouted grains are then dried and milled into flour.

There are many benefits of  sprouted whole grain flour.

  1. More nutrient dense
  2. Sprouting returns the whole grain to a plant state, making for products that digest in the body as vegetables.
  3. The starches in whole grains are converted into simple sugars that the body can use for energy, and not stored as fat.
  4. Lower glycemic index
  5. Sprouting increases the antioxidants, Vitamins C, B and carotene which help absorbe calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc during digestion.


Vegan √

Vegetarian √

Dairy free option √

Low Gluten √


Makes: 1 Loaf


  •  1 1/2 tsp.  dry yeast
  •  1 tablespoon honey (coconut sugar for vegans)
  •  1 1/2 C. warm water
  •  2 C. wholemeal sprouted spelt flour
  •  1 1/2  C.  plain spelt flour
  • 3/4 tsp. Xanthan gum (optional)* see note
  • 1 tbsp. cocoa
  •  1 tsp. sea salt
  •  4 tbsp. poppy seeds
  •  1 tbsp. olive oil
  •  2 tsp. milk (or soy)

Sprouted Spelt loaf2

Sprouted Spelt loaf

Sprouted Spelt loaf



Place yeast, honey and warm water in a jug. Whisk with a fork to dissolve yeast. Stand in a warm place for 10 minutes or until frothy.

Place flours into a large bowl or the bowl of a food processor, add the cocoa and xanthan gum. Stir in the salt, 2 tablespoons poppy seeds, yeast mixture and olive oil. Mix to form a soft dough. Knead for about five minutes or alternatively turn out onto a lightly floured surface. Knead for five minutes or until smooth and elastic.

Place in a large, lightly greased bowl. Cover with plastic wrap. Set aside in a warm place for about one hour or until doubled in size.

Preheat oven to 200°C/400°F . Lightly grease an 20 cm / 8″cake tin.

Using your fist, punch dough down. Knead until smooth on a well floured surface. Shape into a ball. Place in prepared pan.

Cut a few slits in the dough. Cover with lightly greased plastic wrap. Set aside in a warm place for 1 – 2 hours or until dough has almost doubled in size.

Brush the bread with milk and sprinkle over the remaining 2 tablespoons of poppy seeds.

Bake for 30  minutes or until dark golden and hollow-sounding when tapped. Turn onto a wire rack to cool.

*NOTE: I have  added some xanthan gum to the bread since spelt is much lower in gluten than regular flour. This will enhance elasticity, viscosity and texture and aids as a binding agent. You can leave it out but the bread will be more dense.


Myra XO

Sprouted Spelt loaf

Sprouted Spelt loaf

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  1. annika says:

    Oh, I can always use another bread recipe… this one with sprouted flour! I will have to get some and try this out! I love using spelt as well. Lovely post, Myra!

    • The Cooking spoon says:

      Thank you so much Annika, yes I always bake bread with Spelt because wheat doesn’t make me feel right. And I’m thrilled about this sprouted flour, the flavour is such much more complex than the regular stuff ☺

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful post! Could read that amazing texture in that Loaf. Thanks for this share Myra.

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