smoothie-freezer-packs25 Detox tips for January plus Smoothie freezer packs.

img_2452 Caramel Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal

IMG_9675 Smoothies Galore

IMG_7972  Raspberry & Almond Breakfast Loaf

IMG_7830 Cherry Chia Parfaits

IMG_6888 Blueberry Muffins

IMG_6271 Almond & Honey Granola

IMG_6368 Black Forest Oats

IMG_6014 Carrot cake muffins

IMG_6885 Pom Smoothie

IMG_6344 Sunrise Smoothie



five-spice-pork-belly24 Five Spice Slow roasted Pork Belly

browned-sage-butter-and-turkey-pasta-with-wild-mushrooms16 Browned Sage Butter and Turkey Pasta with wild Mushrooms and Prosciutto.

plaice-with-hazelnut-beurre-noisette-14 Plaice with Hazelnut Beurre Noisette

duck-breast-with-cherry-sauce6 Duck Breast with Cherry Sauce for two

clementine-cranberry-roast-pork39 Clementine Cranberry Roast Pork


baked-beans-6 Baked Beans, three cooking methods

shrimp-pasta13  Garlic Herb Shrimp with Bacon over Angel Hair Pasta

Rustic Chicken meatball stew with beans, tomato and courgette. Rustic Chicken meatball Stew 

mexican-pulled-beef10 Mexican Pulled Beef with Jalapeño Cheddar Corn Bread

20161025_003934 Swedish Meatballs Cranberry Tangerine sauce

20161024_124822 Dukkah Parmesan crusted Salmon 

img_2325 Zombie Brain Meatloaf

img_2138 Harvest Pumpkin Salad, Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Moroccan Meatball with Quinoa Moroccan Meatballs with Quinoa

img_1750 Chorizo Burger, Bals. Onions, Manchego.


img_1709 Roast Chicken in Yoghurt & Herbs

img_1559Sticky Shrimp & Pineapple with Jasmin Rice.

IMG_0806 Soft Baja Fish Tacos .

IMG_1254 Greek Lamb Souvlaki, mashed beans and Tzaziki

IMG_0969 Stuffed  Tenderloin,  creamy Polenta .

IMG_6963 Crispy Fish,Pomegranate, Avocado,Cilantro Tzaziki.

IMG_0717 Cambozola Chicken, Peperonata ,Parpadelle


IMG_0677 Pollo al Ajillo, Chicken in Garlic Sauce .

IMG_0558 Steak with caramelized Onions & Old Amsterdam.

Alt="Thai Fish Parcels"  Thai Fish Parcels

IMG_9592 Crab stuffed Flounder

IMG_9573 Beef burger filled with Onions & Bacon with Gouda

IMG_9421 Koh Samui Noodles

IMG_8582Nasi Goreng, my way

IMG_9115Cajun Shrimp Tacos, Peach Salsa, Pepper Aïoli

IMG_9034  Chicken Ras el Hanout, hm Flatbread, Garlic Dip.

IMG_8654Home smoked Salmon

IMG_7465Spaghetti alle Vongole

IMG_4594  Fideuá

IMG_6481  Epic Mou-sagna

IMG_7180  Turkey Meatballs

IMG_7266  Black Bean Burger

IMG_7095 Smokey Maple glazed Bbq Ribs.

IMG_7145 Chicken Saté (Saté Ajam)

IMG_6263 Chicken Mango Avocado Enchilladas

IMG_6219 Meat Balls

Dutch Pot Roast

Spelt Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes & bacon,


vegetarian-stuffed-peppers10 Stuffed Peppers and Aubergines

IMG_7904 Beet Root Risotto

IMG_7865 Whole roasted spicy Cauliflower

IMG_6937   Rice Paper Rolls with peanut dipping sauce

IMG_7266 Black Bean Burger

 IMG_8708 Potato Focaccia


cherry-chocolate-chip-bundt-cake-7 Cherry Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

chocolate-caramel-birthday-cake31 Ultimate Chocolate Caramel Birthday Cake

churros-with-spanish-mocha-hot-chocolate9 Oven Baked Churros with Spanish Mocha hot Chocolate

brownie-cookies-squares-42 Brownie Cookie Squares with Chocolate Fudge Layer

img_8424 Raw Chocolate with Berries and Nuts

img_1405 No Bake Almond Protein Bars

img_2306 All Hallow’s Eve Doughnuts

img_1809 Apples & Blackberries with an Almond Crumble

img_1492 No bake White Chocolate Cheese Cake

IMG_1052 Orange Blossom Peach Tart  & Cheese cake layer.

IMG_0917 (2)  French Crêpes.

img_1402 Macadamia-Cashew Bars

IMG_8049 Raw Peppermint Bars

IMG_5929 Raw cocoa truffels

IMG_7440 Summer Fruit and Chocolate Slice

IMG_6982 Tartelettes aux Ganache

IMG_6828 Raspberry and Chocolate Fudge Pie

IMG_6112 Bounty Bars

IMG_6436 Brownies



Almond Cherry Chocolate Chip Granola Bars Almond Cherry Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

alt="High fibre whole grain bread" High Fibre Health Bread

img_1877 Fig & Walnut Whole grain Spelt Braid

IMG_0994Banana Bread, wheat free, sugar free, fat free!

IMG_8926 Summer Cupcakes

IMG_9212 Blueberry Oat bars with Coconut and Chocolate

IMG_5932 Spelt Bread with Seeds.

IMG_6804 Hamburger Buns

IMG_6605 Oat Bread

IMG_5967 Bagels

IMG_6134Country Loaves

IMG_6014 Carrot cake muffins

IMG_5982 Rye/Spelt bread

IMG_6436 Brownies

IMG_8699 Potato Focaccia


topinambur19 Jerusalem Artichoke au jus with Pancetta, Garlic and Thyme

Alt="Gratin Dauphinois" Gratin Dauphinois with Gruyere.

img_1189    Endive Gratin Baked Apples, Blue cheese

IMG_9811 Quinoa Tabbouléh with Pom Seeds

IMG_0757 Beet Salad

IMG_0643 Green Beans with Chorizo & Thyme

IMG_9578 Super quick pan roast Jacket Potatoes.

IMG_7865 Whole roasted spicy Cauliflower

IMG_6385 Herby Mash with semi sun dried Tomatoes and Zucchini

IMG_6514 Fried Coconut rice with Pineapple, Coriander & Lime


kale-grape-salad14 Passion Kale Salad with Grapes

IMG_6682 Watermelon Feta Salad

IMG_7448  Buddha Bowl Breakdown & Buddha Sauce


img_2551 Spiced Pumpkin Soup with a twist…

IMG_6720 Carrot Soup


img_1680 Super Light Caeser Dressing

20161117_114619 Holiday Cranberry and Pear Sauce with Star Anise.


img_1911 Caramel Sauce, dairy free and refined sugar free

Roasted Tomato sauce

IMG_6525 Buddha Bowl Dressing


IMG_9708 Pickled Red Cabbage