Buddha Bowl Breakdown & Buddha Sauce



Some things disappear as quickly as they come. But the Buddha Bowl is doing exceptionally well. It’s been around for a while now and I think it’s here to stay.

I know that I am going to keep on making them, probably for the rest of my life.

When I cook dinner in the evening I always think, Ooh  I’ll save that for my Bowl tomorrow. I don’t understand why it has taken so long to become popular. It’s basically left overs made pretty in a bowl.

That’s why I am calling this the Buddha Bowl Breakdown, because it is more of a how to in general than one specific recipe. It all depends on what you have left in the fridge and what you are in the mood for.

For me it is super easy, since I always have cooked grains in the freezer as well as various beans. I am not such a fan of canned beans, I can always taste the can. I wonder if anyone else has this problem because I have the same with canned tuna. I love tuna but I always really need to air it before I prepare it. Anyway, drifting off here…

I have divided the ingredients in groups and you can mix and pair as you like. I highly recommend the Buddha dressing, because it is simply delicious. Even over warm vegetables the next day (“if” you have any leftovers).

Buddha Dressing:

1 tbsp. Olive oil

1/2 C. cooked Chickpeas

1/2 C. Water (more or less)

1/4 C. Apple cider vinegar

2 tbsp. Tahini paste

1 Garlic clove, peeled and grated

juice of 1/2 a Lemon

1 tsp. Sriracha sauce

1 tbsp. Agave syrup

1 tsp. prepared Mustard

2 tbsp. Nutritional Yeast (optional)

1 tsp. Turmeric


Blend all the ingredients in the food processor until smooth. Keeps for about 5 days in the





Ingredients Buddha Bowl:


All types of salad leafs and greens, Spinach, Watercress, Lettuce, Cabbage,Kale…


Cooked brown rice, Corn, Cooked Millet, Kasha, Kamut, Quinoa, Whole grain Pasta, Sweet potato baked or boiled…


Either, raw, steamed or grilled such as;

Asparagus, Onions, Green beans, Avocado, Carrots, Red Peppers, Zucchini, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Beets, Radish, Chicory, Leek, Celery…


Cooked or grilled; Chicken, Fish, Eggs, Tofu, Tempéh, Beans, Lentils, Edamame, Chickpeas… Any of these beans can be sprouted for a few days, in advance.


Parsley, Dill, Chives, Cilantro, Tarragon, Mint, Basil…

Healthy Fats

Nuts, Seeds, Avocado, Olives…


Hail to the Buddha Bowl!


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