Super quick pan roast Jacket Potatoes.


This is so quick and easy I almost feel embarrassed to post it. Let’s just say it’s more of a “note to self”, for future reference. I was in a big hurry to get things on the table that evening and these turned out so good that I just had to write it down. Try them, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


1 lb. medium side new Potatoes

Himalayan Salt

2 tbsp. Olive oil


Scrub the potatoes really well and dry them with kitchen paper.

Pierce them two to three times on each side and place them on kitchen paper in the microwave.

Microwave on high for three to four minutes. Turn them over and microwave for another three minutes or so. It really depends on the size of the potatoes so you will have to test them as you go. They should still be a bit firm, but you should be able to pierce them with a wooden skewer without a problem.

As soon as you can handle the heat, cut them in half lengthwise. Season with salt all over.

Heat a frying pan, add the oil and when hot add the potatoes cut side down. Fry for about 8 to 10 minutes until they are beautifully golden and crusty.

However the best flavour is obtained when you fry them in the same pan as the meat your are cooking so the potatoes get all the juicy flavor from the meat.

Serve straight away with a burger or anything else. Maybe a Black Bean Burger ?

Note: You can even serve these on their own as a snack with a dip or Aïoli.


Deluxe Beef burger filled with Onions and Crispy Bacon, topped with Gouda


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