Brownie Cookie Squares with Chocolate Fudge Layer



I have challenged my daughter not to eat any sweets/sugar until Sinterklaas (see this post,  Stuffed Beef Steaks, Rouladen for further explanations about this holy man/festivity).

I promised her I would make snacks so good and yummy that she wouldn’t notice they were healthy and since mommy is trying to lose a couple of pounds before the holidays (to sort of get a head start), what a great opportunity to do some experimenting with healthy, sugar free Christmassy delights.

Bars are always good, but my daughter is not allowed to eat nuts at the moment because of her retainer. Ok, so nut butters it is.

I love anything you can mix in one big bowl and then there’s just the mixing and pressing into the tin. I have to confess that I love mixing things that are really gooey like date syrup, honeys, nut butters anything sticky really. Why you ask? I don’t know,  it must be something from my childhood….  I’m just kidding. Who doesn’t like gooyeness.

These bars are somewhere between a brownie and a cookie, hence the name. They are super quick to make and so nutrient dense that one little square will be enough to last you until lunch or dinner. I am over the moon that my daughter loves them, yeaaaah.

I have used half Buckwheat flakes  and half Oat flakes just because I happened to have it but you can use one or the other or a mixture of both.

If your dates are dry, soak them in water for about an hour before using.

I have used a bit of Lucuma, but if you don’t have it, it’s fine without.

*Lucuma  is made from whole Peruvian lucuma fruit that has been dried at low temperatures and milled into a fine powder. It is a  low-glycemic sweetener with many nutrients including beta-carotene, iron, zinc, vitamin B3, calcium and protein. Lucuma has a maple-caramel like taste and I like to use it in sweet things and smoothies.


Cane Sugar Free  Dairy Free   Egg Free   Gluten Free   Raw   Vegan  Vegetarian

Makes 16 squares


1 C. Buckwheat Flakes

1 C. Oat flakes

5 tbsp. Cacao Powder

2 tsp. *Lucuma Powder  (optional)

1/4 C. Vanilla Protein Powder

1/2 C. Peanut Butter  or an nut butter

5 large soft Medjool dates, stones removed

1 tsp. Pure Vanilla Extract

3 tbsp. Light Agave Syrup

2 tbsp. Coconut Oil, melted or left in a warm place until soft.

Sprinkles (optional)


Raw Chocolate Fudge Layer;

1/4 C. Raw Cocoa powder

1/4 C. Coconut oil, melted

2 tbsp. Date syrup

2 tbsp. Honey or Agave



Blend the Buckwheat and Oat flakes until you have  flour and place in a bowl.

Add the remaining dry ingredients and mix with a wooden spoon.

In a food processor blend the Medjool dates until you have a paste, add a splash of water if necessary. Add the nut butter, the vanilla, the agave and the coconut oil. Blend until well mixed.

If you are using a home made nut butter you can add a pinch of salt. Store bought nut butters have salt already.

Now mix the dry into the wet and mix thoroughly. To test the consistency press a bit of mixture between your fingers or try to make a tiny ball, if it sticks together it good to go, if it crumbles add a little bit of water, or coconut oil. Blend, repeat.

Line a square dish 8″x 8″,  with parchment paper, press the cookie brownie mixture into the dish and cover with cling film, refrigerate for a couple of hours until firm. Cover with a thin layer of raw chocolate or leave as is.

For the Chocolate fudge layer, mix all the ingredients and stir well to mix, spread or pour over the squares. Decorate with sprinkles and leave in the fridge to set. About one hour should be enough. Cut into 16 squares.

Note: the chocolate will melt slightly if left at room temperature for a while.



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27 thoughts on “Brownie Cookie Squares with Chocolate Fudge Layer

  1. apuginthekitchen says:

    Really a delicious and healthful treat, since I am staying away from refined sugar and flour this is something I would love to make. Great recipe and no baking makes it even better.

  2. Mackenzie says:

    These remind me of a deliciously healthy version of cosmic brownies from childhood! They look so stinking good. This would be a great dessert to take to any holiday parties! Wooohooo! Hope you are doing so well, Myra!!

    • The Cooking spoon says:

      Thank you so much for your sweet comments Mack, it means the world to me. These would be great to take to parties, you can make them at least two days ahead (no last minute stress) and they travel well if kept cool.

      • Mackenzie says:

        Oh perfect!!!!!!!! I am also planning a Christmas baking day this year and will certainly be adding these to the line up! Stay tuned !!! 🙂

  3. annika says:

    Yes, it is kid approved… my 3-year-old just took one look and said “I want that!”. I have never heard of Lucuma either… I will see if I can find some here. Thank you for sharing and teaching!

    • The Cooking spoon says:

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment. The lucuma is a good tasting healthy addition but not necessary so if you can’t find it don’t worry. Your 3 year old sounds adorable. 🙂

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